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IMF Stats

IMF Stats
Current Version: 1.4

OS:NT, 2000, XP, 2003

IMFStats gives you statistics and guidance for your Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server Intelligent Mail Filter (IMF).

The IMF is Microsoft's server based anti-spam solution.  It scores each message on a 0-9 scale based on how likely it is to be UCE.

There are few options you can set, and even less logging information, so it may be difficult to gauge how to configure the gateway.

With IMFStats, this process becomes easier.  You can see on a simple graph the Spam Confidence Level (SCL) statistics, which will tell you where to set your Gateway Blocking and Junk E-mail folder options.

Key Features

  • Automatically scans Active Directory for all Exchange 2003 servers.  If each server is reachable by ping, it is then scanned for unique Intelligent Mail Filter registry entries.  Only Exchange servers running the IMF will appear in the list.  If your server is not found it may still be manually entered.
    The chart and graph will show the distribution of email messages.
  • If you have had enough messages go through the gateway since the last reboot for proper analysis, the program will tell you appropriate values to use based on the SCL score.


IMFStats will function for up to 5 times before registration is required.