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Windows Mobile Certificate Builder

Mobile Certificate Builder
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Current Version: 1.0

OS:NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista

Windows Mobile Certificate Builder
The Mobile Certificate Builder
Desktop Installer
The Desktop Installer

Windows Mobile Certificate Builder (MCB) allows you to create a Windows Mobile Handheld certificate from your Corporate Certificate Authority and use it for ActiveSync to Exchange Servers and deploy corporate handheld applications without requiring expensive code signing.  Using this certificate deployment method can also assist you in implementing an L2TP based VPN connection.

Key Features

  • Allow your Windows Mobile or Pocket PC device to trust your corporate Certificate Authority (CA) such as the one that comes with Windows 2003 Server.  No need to purchase an expensive yearly certificate from VeriSign or other commercial certificate authorities.
  • Prevent ActiveSync from generating the Support Code 80072f0d error seen when not using a trusted certificate.
  • You do not have to instruct your users how to navigate to and install certificates manually.  Some Windows Mobile devices require you to use a specific handheld application that is not installed by default to install a certificate, such as the Motorola Q.  The Q requires the VZW_SpAddCert.exe utility normally, but this application works without it.
  • MCB has been tested with a Motorola Q, a Treo 700wx, and a Verizon XV6700.
  • MCB interrogates your local computer's Root certificate store.  You select the certificate you would like to build into a deployable CAB file.
  • The MCB also builds a standalone desktop install program that you distribute to your end users.  This desktop installer connects to their handheld, delivers the CAB file, and starts the installation.  The user simply needs to accept the CAB file and they can begin to authenticate your Exchange ActiveSync or custom applications immediately.
  • This is a Microsoft .Net 2.0 application. The workstation used to build the CAB file must have the .Net 2.0 libraries installed.  If you choose to deploy the desktop installer for end users, each end user system must also have the .Net 2.0 libraries installed.

There is a modified demo mode.  As it is generally meant to be used just a few times, a fully functional demo mode is impractical. You will be prompted for a registration code as soon as you start the application.  If you cancel the registration prompt, the product will work normally except that no matter what certificate you select, a sample self-signed Agile Software Development certificate will be installed.  This is for your testing purposes.