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SUS Reset

SUS Reset
Current Version: 1.5

OS:2000, XP, 2003

SUS Reset aids in Windows patch management by resetting the Auto Update service status on all or selected systems in your network.
This will help ensure that when patches are installed, all the current patches for that system are applied, rather than having to go through multiple rounds of patching.

Key Features

  • Works in a multi-domain environment
  • Shows the current automatic update status of each system
  • Can reset thousands of systems quickly and easily
  • Prevents you from having to install queued patches only to find new patches are loading almost immediately
  • Can also simply show which systems aren't fully patched because they have patches queued to be installed


Please note that SUS Reset only worked with Windows Update version 1 primarily.  SUS Reset does not work correctly with Windows Update version 2 or Microsoft Update, which is primarily the service used since 2004.  This product is listed for historical reasons only.